Why blog about single parenting?

I’m Becky, single parent to three children for over a decade. One comment I’ve dwelled on for all that time, passed onto me by a family member, as I was still reeling and shell-shocked from my marriage break-up, was this,

‘Research shows that children fro9m single parent households do 10% less well than if they had remained in a two -parent family…’ 

Now I am not sure if I ever believed this or whether it just left it as a minor worry, niggling away in my head…

Will we always be 10% less good than we could have been as a two-parent unit?

But, as my children grow into kind, clever and caring young adults, something has changed in my outlook on life. I realise that whoever you are, and 1 in 4 of us are single parent families, life is very much an up and down experience that you navigate with your own values and integrity as a compass. Worrying about what might have been really does gets your nowhere.

It’s high time for me to cast aside any notion of single parenthood as the consolation prize of family life and, instead, to relish the adventures and the highs and lows that lie ahead. That will be my unique way to focus on ‘smashing’ this wonderful and crazy life.

And this blog will be my diary; a creative chance to capturing our precious family times the wonder of the everyday. So here goes! To life, to love, to blogging…