Why a blog about single parenting?

I’m Becky, single parent to three children for the past 9 years. One comment that has stuck with me for all that time, passed onto me by a family member, as I was still reeling and shell-shocked from my marriage break-up, was this,

‘Research shows that children from single parent households do 10% less well than if they had remained in a two -parent family…’ 

And, until I got my D-Day moment, I had made the mistake of buying into this claim. I had assumed that we would always be 10% less good than we could have been as a two-parent unit. Well no more, it’s 2019, 1 in 4 of us are single parent families and we must expect to be just as successful as everyone else. At a personal level, it’s high time for me to forget the notion of surviving single parenthood and to focus upon smashing it instead!

So that is my quest and it’s a challenging one, because single parenting is bloomin’ tough! To keep me on track, this blog will be my diary. I look forward to my journey into the wonderful world of blogging and welcome comments and contributions for every kind of parent out there.