Single parenting – to survive or thrive?

I’m Becky, single parent to three children for the past 9 years. One comment that has stuck with me for all that time, passed onto me by a family member, as I was still reeling and shell-shocked from my marriage break-up, was this,

‘Research shows that children from single parent households do 10% less well than if they had remained in a two -parent family…’ 

Now I am not sure if I ever believed this or whether it just left it as a minor worry, niggling away in my head…

Will we always be 10% less good than we could have been as a two-parent unit?

But one thing is for sure, when this year, my Eldest child collected a stellar set of GCSEs, something changed in my outlook on life. I realised that whoever you are, and 1 in 4 of us are single parent families, we are all entitled to dream and aim for the goals that matter to us. Worrying about what might have been, or what other families are doing really does gets your nowhere. At a personal level, it’s high time for me to forget the notion of surviving single parenthood and to focus upon finding our own unique way to … ‘smash it’ instead?

So that is my quest and it’s a challenging one, because single parenting, in fact any parenting, is bloomin’ tough! One thing is for sure, having a good sense of humour, a sprinkling of courage and making time for me to sometimes ‘not be a mum‘ will be key tools in my kit bag. As for the rest, I’m not entirely sure but to keep me on track, this blog will be my diary. I look forward to my journey into the wonderful world of blogging and welcome comments and contributions for every kind of parent out there.