Why blog about single parenting?

I’m Becky, single parent to three children for over a decade. Even after all this time and so many momentous events, one statistic passed onto me by a family member, as I was still reeling and shell-shocked from my marriage break-up, sticks with me… 10% Apparently, I was told, ‘Research shows that children from single parent households do 10% less well than if they had remained in a two -parent family…’ 

It is just the sort of irresolute and cruelly-catchy figure that stays in your head and, on a dark sleepless night of worry, elbows its way to the front of your consciousness to feed this thought…

Will we always be 10% less good than we could have been as a two-parent unit?

Has it made me feel defeated?Made me feel like a victim? Made me feel apologetic and not quite as good as my happily married friends and their families? I think that, on occasion, it definitely has.

But; no more! At a rapid pace in front of my very eyes, my teen trio are growing into warm, clever, and all round fantastic individuals. To ensure that I cast aside the notion of single parenthood as the consolation prize of family life, I need to make active positivity a regular daily routine. I want to relish the adventures and the highs and lows that lie ahead.

So (deep breaths) I’mgoing to start a blog ; as my unique way to focus on ‘smashing’ this wonderful and crazy life. It will be my diary; a creative chance to capture our precious times, the wonder of the everyday and a concrete reminder to keep thinking positive on a weekly basis. So, here goes! To life, to love, to blogging…